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Dog Bite Lawyer in New Jersey

Have you been bitten by dog? Do you need a Dog bite lawyer New Jersey? Contact NJ-Legal for the best Dog bite Attorney in New Jersey!

Dog bite lawyer New Jersey

Dogs are man’s best friend – this is a saying that many will agree to. While this may be true in some instances, in others, dogs can cause devastating injuries to humans when they bite. Both the victim and witnesses could be left puzzled at how such a formerly friendly creature could act so aggressively.

While it is true that predominantly, dogs have lived along with us peacefully, dogs are in actual fact descendant from wolves; one the most vicious wild animals. It is selective breeding and taming by man that makes dogs seem docile.However, the wolf instinct still persists, albeitsuppressed.Some dog breeds need to be kept at arm’s length due to their aggressiveness. Thesaggressive dogbreeds include but are not limited to PitBulls,WolfHybrids,Rottweilers, and German Sherperds. Unfortunately, some of these dog owners do not take proper caution to restrain or train these dogs.

This may result to dog bite injuries. When this occurs, it is important you seek redress and you may have a good claim to damages. Our firm provides dog bite injury services and representation that would help you claim the compensation you deserve.


If you have been bitten by a dog, or know someone who has, you may be entitled to compensation, including treatment on dog bites on the flesh and even therapy for cases of trauma. Dog attacks can be very devastating, and in cases involving permanent scars, you may be entitled to cosmetic treatment.

You may also be entitled to damages for pain and suffering. This is why it is important you seek the services of a qualified legal personal injury team. The attorneys in our firm do more than representation;our firm identifies the grounds for your claim and file the suit on your behalf. Most cases like these are handled by the insurance companies of dog owners, and these insurance companies seem to do their best to poke holes in cases that may hold them accountable. Our attorneys are versed in matters like these and ensure to fight till our clients are dully compensated.

If a victim of a dog bite is you or a loved one, reach out to us now. However, note that the law stipulates a statute of limitation on cases involving dog bites. In Jersey City, suits regarding dog bite cases must be filed at most, two years after the incident occurred. Filing a suit after two years connotes a waive of rights to claims of damages, therefore, time is of the essence. Our personal injury attorneys would help you in recovering those damages with ease and speed.


The effects of dog bites in New Jersey and other states is one that stimulates concern. Dogs are naturally wild creatures, and like other wild creatures, they prey on the weak and easy targets. As a result, in Jersey City, most victims of dog bite injuries are the vulnerable ones; children, elderly, and sometimes the physically challenged. Children, because of their small stature,lose a lot of blood and flesh after dog attacks. The elderly and physically challenged are in no position to run or defend themselves, and as a result, their wild assailants get the best of them.

Dog bite injuries in NJ lead to loss of blood, loss of nerves, and sometimes, even death. Our attorneys are ever ready to spring into action on your behalf. Where compensation is due, so is our resolve to fight.

Dog bite injury cases are sensitive, and the need for a competent personal injury attorney cannot be overemphasized.


Strict liability is the legal position when the case is about dog bite injury. What this means is that the owners of these dogs are liable, regardless of their intent or the extent of their negligence. Therefore, no defense may be brought by a dog owner that they weren’t aware of the dogs hostility or that the incident was not intended.

On the authority of NJ state laws on dog bites, a dog owner is liable weather their dog bit someone in a public or private place, in the owner’sresidence, premises, or vicinity, and irrespective of past acts of aggressiveness portrayed by the dog.Regardless of the dog owner’s knowledge of the incident, strict liability is the verdict. In the case of being bitten in the owner’sresidence or premises, the law supports the victim, provided they were in the owner’s property “lawfully”(discharging of a duty or responsibility imposed by the state).For further details on the legality of the victim’s presence in the owner’s property that led to the bite, contact our qualified dog bite injury attorneys.

Furthermore, dog owners may raise the defense of what is called “comparative negligence.” This implies that the victim negligently exposed themselves to the dog bite, knowing fully well the resultant effect in a mischievous bid to claim damages. In this case, the law places the burden of proof on the dog owner. This means that that dog owner would have to prove beyond reasonable doubt the negligence of the victim and weather or not they ought to have known the resultant effects of their actions.

Cases arise where dog owners blame the aggressiveness on the breed of dogs. It is difficult to pinpoint the veracity of this claim, but generally, dog owners are strictly liable for the viciousness of their dogs. The attorneys in our firm are familiar with cases like these and we have an arsenal of counters to whatever loopholes these dog owners or insurance companies may find to get out of giving compensation. You can rest assured that we would fight on your behalf till the utmost possible level to get your deserved settlements.For further details on how our firm can help, you can contact us and may get the chance to speak to one of our attorneys about your case.


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