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New Jersey Truck accident attorney

Do you need a truck accident lawyer in New Jersey? Contact NJ-Legal for the best New Jersey Truck Accident Attorney!

New Jersey Truck Accident Attorney.

Collisions with trucks or tractor trailers can be very devastating. When involved in accidents like these in New Jersey, your next move should be to seek the services of a New Jersey truck accident attorney. In terms of being well equipped to handle matters involving truck accidents, our attorneys check the box of competence and reliability.



In cases like these, you want someone with your best interest at heart to fight for you. Our attorneys not only provide competent representation, but while taking care of medical or auto repair bills, we help you save as much money as we possibly can. We ensure to get the jury on your side,forwe specialize in issues involving truck accidents in Jersey City.

At this point, it is no surprise that hundreds of accidents, especially involving trucks and trailer tractors are recorded on NJ highways. Jersey City is situated around the coasts, bedeviled by daily hustle and bustle due to industrialization and commercial activities.As a result,the multiple companies and organizationsthat New Jersey is home to, own dozens of trucks and trailer tractors that they use for logistic purposes. These large vehicles can sometimes cause damage on the road,which the drivers of smaller vehicles would sadly pay for. The size of these trucks are not only intimidating to smaller vehicles’ owners, but pose a threat to their safety on the highway.

Annually, Jersey city records severe accidents, which have led to damaged properties and loss of lives.


Eighteen wheeler vehicles (large semi trucks), also known as big rigs or tractor trailers, have a unique five-axle wheel configuration. These large vehicles can weigh as much as 40 ton with cargo, and measure about 70-80 feet in length. A typical vehicle on the other hand may just be 7-14 feet long and weigh significantly lesser than a truck.

Due to the trucks weight and size, they’re more likely to cause accidents because extremely extra care is required to maneuver or halt the vehicles. Sadly, most of these truck drivers are not conscious of the extreme risks they pose to other motorists; they speed, brake abruptly, and throw caution to the winds sometimes. As may be imagined, without a doubt, a direct collision with one of these can be excruciating and devastating. Lives may be lost and properties may be destroyed.

This is why you need our New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyer representation to help relieveyour pain by filing for claims on your behalf and recovering damages.


New Jersey legal systems, foreseeing cases involving grievous accidents, have laid down laws and regulations clearly spelling out the conducts by which motorists (in this case, truck drivers) must abide by. The body in charge of these laws in NJ is the FEDERAL MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY ADMINISTRATION.

Despite the clearly spelt out regulations, some truck drivers still transgress and pose significant threats on the highway. The FMCSA provides the circumstances in which truck drivers and the corporations they work for may adhere to when plying the highway, for the safety of other much smaller vehicles.One of these circumstances is speeding. The FMCSA has provided a standard for what speed to use and where to use them. Another circumstance is the amount of cargo to carry.When a truck is overweighed with cargo, it is an undeniable hazard and the FMCSA regulates the weight of cargos a truck can carry.

Some other regulations put a responsibility on the corporations to check their drivers by regulating how much hours a driver is allowed to ply a route in a day, prohibiting the use of stimulants by the driver, and even down to positing that drivers must have adequate rest and breaks.

When these regulations are violated, and it resulted in a ghastly collision, then you have a strong claim and our attorneys can help you get settlement and compensation.


In matters involving collisions with trucks and large vehicles in NJ, you may be entitled to claims and compensation. However, the claims must be hinged on a basis depending on surrounding circumstances of the incidence. Here are some basis of claims our truck accident attorneys can work on to get compensation on your behalf:

  1. When the accident results in loss of enjoyment of life. This is when daily life routines become more difficult. In some instances, it may be loss of motor skills, loss of limbs, or mental health issues.
  2. Permanent loss or damage (loss of life or vehicle).
  3. When the accident affects your earning capacity. For instance, a nervous system injury damaging stability of hands in a surgeon.
  4. In some cases, when the accident is so traumatic on the victims.

Contact our New Jersey Truck Accident Attorney to get more information or consultation.

Furthermore, specifically in the event of death resulting from a truck collision, New Jersey laws offer victims’ loved ones some compensation in settlement of medical and burial bills and a lot of others that our truck accident attorneys would be glad to go over with you in a consultation.

The pain and suffering resulting from a collision with a truck in New Jersey can be extremely devastating. It is imperative not to waive your rights to compensation. Contact our truck accident attorney, and sit back as we take care of every matter and fight back every penny due to you as compensation, while you nurse yourself back to good health.


NJ-Legal team of truck accident attorneys are extremely competent, well versed, and trained in handling matters with regard to truck accident. Our services go over and beyond courtroom advocacy. We have your best interests at heart and we prove it in the services we render:

  1. We oversee your medical expenses and make sure nothing is out of place.
  2. We see to your auto repair bills (depending on the circumstance) and cut redundant costs in the process.
  3. We conduct research and investigations to extract and gather details of the accident to help represent you better. This may involve even going to the site of the incident to get information.

Our experience and competence allows us to push ourselves to the fullest on our clients’ behalf. We believe in helping to ameliorate the pain of being victimized in a truck accident, and we exist to serve you as well as we can.

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